Environmental Statement

Environmental BannerThe planet is tracking towards critical global temperature increases. The evidence of serious environmental challenges grows ever clearer, from extreme weather events to widespread extinction of species.

Our circus makes an impact.

Educational and training facilities like ours can be significant creators of waste. At the circus we create work that is inherently temporary; that makes use of raw materials, of heat, light and sound; that often requires travel. We use water and power. We heat our building during winter and cool it during summer.

We acknowledge our impact on the environment and believe it is time we became part of the solution.

We are committed to making the world our young people inherit as safe and sustainable as possible. We tell stories, share knowledge, shape culture and encourage empathy and understanding. We want to inspire, motivate and support our students and our diverse communities to help us drive change.

In late 2019, the Flying Fruit Fly Circus launched its Environmental Statement, outlining our commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our activities. We will work closely with our students and staff to harness their hope for a better future to embed environmental sustainability at the heart of our practice and set year-on-year goals. We can all make a real difference, every day.

Read the full Environmental Statement

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