Big Sky


The Cube Wodonga

Thursday  29 August, 11am & 6.30pm
Friday 30 August, 6.30pm
Saturday 31 August, 2pm & 6.30pm


Sydney Opera House

Saturday 28 September, 2.30pm & 6pm
Sunday 29 September, 11am
Monday 30 September, 11am & 2.30pm
Wednesday 2 October, 11am & 2.30pm
Thursday 3 October, 11am
Friday 4 October, 11am & 2.30pm
Saturday 5 October, 11am & 2.30pm



Where the stars seem to touch the earth. What adventures will happen from sunset to dawn? 

The Flying Fruit Fly Circus return with their new up-close circus experience from 12 remarkable young performers aged between 10 and 18.

Kids in regional Australia grow up under a big sky, surrounded by space, allowed to run free. But for some kids growing up in a country town can be claustrophobic and limiting. Big Sky unfolds over a single night, from sunset to dawn and follows 12 unforgettable characters as they look forward to their futures, show off, get spooked, prank each other and get up to mischief. Featuring the phenomenal circus skills of the world-renowned Flying Fruit Fly Circus in a show performed by kids, for kids.


Cast & Creatives

Featuring: Alanna Cameron, Arabella Coghlan, Chot Walford, Chloe Pirie, Dakota Skrypczak, Elliot Mancer, Frankie Allison, Harry McEachern, Isabella Turner-Spessot, Lucie Mariethoz, Nicolaas Pope, Thomas Paydon

Director: Anni Davey
Composer & Sound Designer: Biddy Connor
Set Designer: Tim Rutty
Costume Designer: April Dawson
Lighting Designer: Kris Chainey
Stage Manager: Felix Hauge