Endangered Species


Thursday 3 – Saturday 5 December, 2020
Thursday 10 – Saturday 12 December, 2020

5.40pm, 6.00pm, 6.20pm, 6.40pm


Wild children are becoming an endangered species! Natural habitats are making way for urban development, having a significant impact on the populations and habitats of the wild children.

Deep in Albury’s Wonga Wetlands in a unique and highly secretive child led conservation effort, the Flying Fruit Fly Circus has established a sanctuary which provides a natural environment for wild children to live and play in their natural state.

We opened the gates of the sanctuary so that the general public could observe these beautiful wild creatures in their natural habitat. The Flying Fruit Flies’ passionate team of conservationists delivered a child encounter like no other. In small parties audiences were escorted by trained and enthusiastic 9 and 10-year-old Research Officers who know exactly where to look and what to look for.

Director: Anni Davey
Associate Director: Alyson Evans
Rigger: Simon Yates
Costume Designer: Lyn Shields
Training Director: Loic Marques
Trainers: Bec Neill, Ben Lewis, Cooper Ayton, Lauren Shepherd, Misha Reale, Nick Hutchinson, Per Westman, Phil Witt, Scott Neill, Seth Scheuner
Circus Program Coordinator: Michelle Stevens
Technical Director: Scott Stoddart
Stage Manager: Alison Neville
Production Crew: Marcela Scheuner, Nathan Jones
Executive Producer: Tahni Froudist

Performed by: Abbey Szakal, Abigail Sandral, AJ Johnson, Amelia Cole, Angus Foley, Araluen Vonthien, Arthur Hull, Astaria Benne-Keeble, Ava Paydon, Aysha Guilliamse-Witt, Ayva Armstrong, Barney Herrmann, Bianca Hall, Caitlin Taylor-Daines, Campbell Clarke, Cate Kelly, Chelsea Quaill, Chloe Pirie, Claire Braunack, Clancy Rosewarne, Dakota Skrypczak, Edwina Harrington, Ella Saabel, Emma Giasoumi, Eryn Beattie, Ewan Schell, Fidel Lancaster-Cole, Finn Neill, Harry McEachern, Holly-Rose Boyer, Hudson White, Isabella Meola, Jacob Kavanagh, Kelsey Eckhardt, Kezia Sutton, Khalan Walsh-Young, Lara Burdett, Lilly Holmes, Lucie Mariethoz, Meg Edinborough, Milanni Klippel, Monique Blackie, Natasha Hall, Nick Marsack, Nicolaas Pope, Oliver Foley, Paige-Taylor Stiffe, Peter Giasoumi, Poppy McFarlane, Rachael Carey, Roscoe Harris-Westman, Ruby Myers, Savanna Barker, Tal Shemesh, Taliyah Walsh-Young, Tameka Rees, Tess Spry, Tilly Jenkins, Tom Leask, Tom Paydon, Will Ledingham, Yoav Shemesh.

With thanks to AlburyCity and the Wonga Wetlands team, Cuss Bus Lines and Rural Container Supplies.